James, Hardy, Haley CPA’s

James and Hardy was organized in 1988 by Roy James and Lonnie Hardy. In 2002, Phillip Haley was admitted to the partnership and the firm became James, Hardy, and Haley.


Coming from a large-firm environment, compelled us to create an accounting and consulting firm that was smaller and leaner. A more intimate environment allows us to be focused on the service we take most seriously – satisfying our clients’ needs.


Over the years, we have been very successful in recruiting and maintaining a highly talented group of professional consultants, accountants, and CPAs.
Since our founding, the firm continues to enjoy a sustained, robust growth as evidenced by the budding number of satisfied clients.


Our Clients

Our clients’ needs, concerns, and suggestions are our first priority. We treat our clients as “partners” and are always grateful to their business as without them, our firm would not be in existence.


We have researched and studied the needs and wants of our clients/partners and continue to do so on a daily basis. Our studies reveal that they primarily desire 5 important aspects from us:

  • Anticipation of Their Needs – for us to anticipate client/partner needs and respond in a proactive manner.

  • A Quick Response – for us to respond to their requests and needs in a timely manner.

  • The Appropriate Service – for us to deliver services that “fit” individual client/partner needs to the highest level of satisfaction possible.

  • Flexibility – for us to be easy to work with.

  • Reasonable Costs – for our fees to be appropriate and relative to the value we deliver.


The Value We Deliver

At James, Hardy, and Haley, CPAs we place little emphasis on “tradition.” The business environment changes constantly – and so too must our approach to each of our clients’ unique problems and challenges. Therefore, James, Hardy, and Haley delivers insightful and innovative solutions, in a timely, flexible and personalized manner. Though we provide accounting, auditing, tax preparation, payroll, and all of the other “traditional” CPA services, these are only the beginning of what James, Hardy, Haley offers our clients/partners. The greatest value we deliver is through our consulting services. Throughout our website, you will find descriptions of some of our unique value-building services.